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Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes – Buyers Guide

Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes - Buyers Guide 2021

Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikesWelcome to our Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes – Buyers Guide 2021

E-bikes are bang on trend at the moment, especially ones from top brands such as Specialized. One of  the only downside to these e-bikes at the moment is battery life or range.  So if you want to go further a field why not consider a car bike rack.

In this Best Car Bike Rack buyers guide we will take you through some of the very Best Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes with all the pros and cons of each Bike Rack to help you with your choice.

In our opinion the Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes are tow-bar bike carriers or otherwise known as hitch bar bike racks reason being is these can carry a lot more weight than your normal run of the mill rear bike rack.

Generally e-bikes do weigh considerably more than your normal bicycles so of course you will require a carrier to meet these kinds of weights. 

What To Look For In A Bike Rack For Specialized e-bikes

Your Vehicle

Not all bike racks are made equal, and this is reflected in the fact that they do not always fit every type of vehicle. For this reason, it is crucial to check whether the bike rack is suitable for your vehicle before committing to a purchase.

Number Of Bikes

Some people may simply wish to transport a single bike, and in this case, you would need a bike rack that was dramatically different to someone who had an entire family, each with a bike to transport.

Rear Access

If you are going to require rear access to the vehicle, then a rear bike rack may not be the best option. But this could be a very viable choice otherwise since these racks are much easier to work with.

Ease Of Use

When you arrive at your cycling destination, it’s highly unlikely that you will want to spend lots of unnecessary time battling with the bike rack. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a frame that is not only easy to install but one which also allows for easy use.

Where Will The Rack Be Mounted?

For rear bike racks, there are two installation options – hitch mounted and tailgate-mounted. For the most part, tailgate options are less expensive, but can not carry as much weight. For long-term use, a hitch mounted or tow bar option may be preferable these are generally rated for much more weight and would be more suited for carrying ebikes.

What Are The Best Bike Rack For Specialized E-bikes

As we mentioned earlier, it can be a bit of a minefield when searching for a bike rack. So, we have sourced some of the best products on the market, allowing you to get the best value for your money and a bike rack that is going to deliver on quality, durability and safety.

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#1 KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike Platform Style Carrier for Standard, Fat Tire Ebikes


  • Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable


  • Requires tow bar

Keeps your bikes sturdy and safe with a patented Anti-Wobble System

Quick Release Tilt Design makes it easy to access rear cargo and fold up the bike rack when not in use

Supports 2 bikes up to 60 lbs each using durable powder coated steel tubing and keeps them secure with padded clamps and locking knob and hitch pin; Rear reflector adds enhanced visibility

Easy to install and adjust; Most parts come pre-assembled; Heavy duty 5” wide trays are adjustable to fit most e-bikes, fat tire, road and mountain bikes, and more; Low Y-frame bikes may require support of an KAC Overdrive Bike Frame Adapter; For 2” hitches only (not recommended to use a 1 ¼” – 2” hitch adapter)

One of the Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes

#2 Hyperax RV Approved E Bike Rack Carrier


  • Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable


  • Requires tow bar

BUMPER MOUNT: The 4 bolt bumper mount adaptor securely fits onto a 4 to 4.5 inch square tube bumper, allowing you to safely install the rack via its 2-inch hitch receiver on the top of the bumper mount. Note: Please make sure your bumper has continuous weld before installation

90 LB TOTAL CAPACITY WITH BUMPER MOUNT AND 140 LB TOTAL CAPACITY WITH HITCH RECEIVER MOUNT: Supports up to 45 pounds per bike with bumper mount and up to 70 pounds per bike with receiver hitch mount, our rack is compatible with mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes with up to 5-inch fat tires, and up to 58-inch wheelbase. For step thru bikes required bike adapter (not included)

SAFE AND SECURE: Comes with co-injected soft rubberized ratcheting hooks that secure the frame of your bike in place without scratching the metal surface. Featuring dual key locks to prevent bikes and bike rack from being stolen. Adjustable wheel holders allow you to easily accommodate bikes of different sizes. Tighten the wheels with reflective velcro straps that help improve visibility in the dark. Additional security straps included, ensuring your bike stays firmly on the rack

CARRYING HANDLE / INTEGRATED WALL MOUNT: When the rack is fully removed from the vehicle and folded up, simply grab the carrying handle to easily move the rack around. The integrated storage hook allows you to hang the rack on the wall, saving you valuable space

One of the Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes

FITS 2 INCH HITCH RECEIVER: Works with vehicles with 2-inch class 3 receivers and above. Secured by an anti-wobble ½ inch steel pin and a key lockset (Patent pending), the rack is sturdy and built to last

#3 Hollywood Racks Sportrider Se Hitch Rack


  • Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable


  • Requires tow bar

Heavy-duty platform style bike rack holds up to 2 bikes (max. 50 lbs per bike); Features patented no wobble-no tools hitch tightening system for fast and secure installation

Locking frame hooks to secure the bikes to the rack; Includes keyed alike locking hitch pin and security cable

Fits 2″ hitch receivers only; Not to be used with a 1-1/4″-2″ hitch receiver adapter; Not to be used on a trailer or towed vehicle.

Adjustable wheel holders allow the bike rack to fit up to a 60″ wheelbase bike; Folds flat against the car when not in use and tilts down for easy cargo access

Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes

Optional 2 bike add on kit (HR1475) or cargo basket (HR1485) sold separately

#1 KAC #2 Hyperax #3 Hollywood
Max Weight
120lbs (2 bikes)
140lbs (2 bikes)
100lbs (2 bikes)
Buy from

Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes, Car Bike Rack Buyers Guide 2021

Want To Secure Your Specialized e-bike on Your Car Bike Rack ?

Consider investing in a hardened steel U-lock. These locks are incredibly strong and very difficult to break open without heavy duty tools. The way these work is that the key removes a bolt that connects the two ends of the ‘U’ and then you are free to slip the lock out or in.

  • You can find these locks below we have selected some of the best value. 
  • Always buy the best lock you can afford as the cost of buying a lock may be high but the cost of replacing your bike is considerably higher.
  • Avoid cable locks or cheap combination locks as these are easy to cut through.

How to securely lock a Specialized e-bike to a car bike rack - step by step guide

Knowing how to correctly secure your e-bike to a car bike rack will save you a lot of money, time and hassle in the long run. Every cyclist has a different bike locking method and some are more successful than others.

If you are not sure about how to lock your bike or have experienced bike theft before, it is important to learn how to correctly lock your e-bike.

Many ask what is the best way to lock a e-bike? However there is no ‘best’ way, but there are a few very good ways, which will help keep your bike safe and secure from theft. Below you will find our selection of the best 3 options.

Option 1

1. Check that what you are locking your e-bike to is strong and sturdy.

2. Remove anything that is removable from your e-bike

3. Use a U–lock to lock the back tire and frame around the pole you are locking it to, then lace a cable lock through the front tire onto the U-lock and then lock the U–lock.

Option 2

1. Check that what you are locking your bike to is strong and sturdy.

2. Remove your front wheel and place it next to your rear wheel.

3. Place a U-lock shackle around the immovable object and through both seat stays and the two wheels.

Option 3

1. Check that what you are locking your bike to is strong and immovable.

2. Place a U- lock through the immovable object, both seats stays and rear wheel.

3. Take a 2nd U-lock, placing it around the immovable object, around the down tube and front wheel.

Summary - Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes

A bike rack / bike carrier is an excellent accessory for your Specialized e-bike which allows you and your family to get into the great outdoors and explore cycle routes that wouldn’t be accessible without driving to them first.

Choosing the right bike rack for you is essential in ensuring that you get the right fit for your vehicle, space for as many e-bike’s as you need and something that won’t cause damage to the vehicle.

We believe that these are some of the best bike racks for e bikes and each one offers its own set of advantages. Whether you need something lightweight and easy to install or something that will fit a larger number of bikes, your options are endless. But it pays to look out for some of the more well-known names in the bike rack industry which will leave you feeling confident that you have a safe and durable product.

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Best Bike Rack for Specialized e-bikes
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