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Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide

Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide

Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers GuideWelcome to our Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide

If you’re heading off for a day of adventure and exploration in your precious VW camper, you’ll likely want to take your bike and go exploring off the beaten track. With so many excellent places to explore, there’s a good chance that you will be spending a lot of time transporting your bike and a good bike rack is essential for this.

However, there are a lot of racks on the market, and it can quickly become confusing to figure out which one will best meet your needs. In this article, we will be showing you what to look for in a bike rack for your VW camper as well as exploring some of the best products currently available.

Our car specific guides are fully researched and full of relevant information regarding your specific car and bike rack requirements.

Can there really be only one Best Bike Rack For a Volkswagen Campervan ?
Well NO too be honest there are several and in this guide we will bring you the very best of the best.

So we are pretty sure you are aware by now there are three versions of car bike carriers, these are as follows:-

  1. rear mounted bike carrier
  2. roof mounted carriers
  3. tow-bar bike carriers

In this particular guide we will only be covering the rear mounted bike carrier & Tow-bar bike carriers.

What To Look For In A Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack

Your Vehicle

Not all bike racks are made equal, and this is reflected in the fact that they do not always fit every type of vehicle. For this reason, it is crucial to check whether the bike rack is suitable for a VW campervan before committing to a purchase.

Number Of Bikes

Some people may simply wish to transport a single bike, and in this case, you would need a bike rack that was dramatically different to someone who had an entire family, each with a bike to transport.

Rear Access

If you are going to require rear access to the vehicle, then a rear bike rack may not be the best option. But this could be a very viable choice otherwise since these racks are much easier to work with.

Ease Of Use

When you arrive at your cycling destination, it’s highly unlikely that you will want to spend lots of unnecessary time battling with the bike rack. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a frame that is not only easy to install but one which also allows for easy use.

Where Will The Rack Be Mounted?

For rear bike racks, there are two installation options – tow-bar mounted and tailgate-mounted. For the most part, tailgate options are less expensive, but there is the risk that the paintwork could become damaged. For long-term use, a tow bar option may be preferable to avoid damage to the vehicle.

What Are The Best Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack 's?

As we mentioned earlier, it can be a bit of a minefield when searching for a bike rack. So, we have sourced some of the best products on the market, allowing you to get the best value for your money and a bike rack that is going to deliver on quality, durability and safety.

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Top 3 Best Volkswagen Campervan Bike Racks at a glance

#1 Fiamma #2 Thule #3 Buzz
Max Weight
60 KGS
45 KGS
40 KGS
Buy from

#1 Fiamma Carry Bike Pro Bicycle Carrier Black Suitable for VW T6 Rear Gate 60 kg Load Capacity


  • Compatible with most VW Campers
  • Tried-and-tested design


  • Can restrict rear window visibility

Fiamma is renowned for its durable and high-quality bike racks which is why they are one of the leading names in the industry. Whilst the products may be slightly more pricey; you know you are getting something that will stand the test of time.

This Carry Bike Pro rack is ideal for the VW camper and fits snuggly to the back of the vehicle without any complicated installation. It fits neatly to the tailgate with added reinforcement and a variety of straps.

The rack is designed to take a maximum weight of 60kg and has an empty weight of just 14kg so it’s lightweight, making it easier to fit. But this doesn’t mean that the strength has been compromised. Made from sturdy aluminium, you can feel confident that the bike rack will serve you for many years to come.

One of the Best Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack ‘s


  • Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable


  • Requires tow bar

Another very reputable brand in the bike rack industry is Thule, who create versatile and affordable transportation solutions across a variety of fields – bike racks being just one of them. One of the Best Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack ‘s

The easy-base carrier can be quickly fitted to the tow bar and is perfect for people who need a long-term bike rack which delivers on quality.

This is a four-in-one product that makes use of a bike rack, a hard box, waterproof bag or a metal box, so it’s clear how diverse this is.

When it isn’t in use, the rack folds flat up against the vehicle to save space, or it can be removed entirely.

The rack can carry up to 45kg, and with the average bicycle weighing in at just 7kg, the whole family can take a cycling trip.


  • Doesn’t restrict visibility or access to the boot
  • Easy to use
  • Lockable


  • Requires tow bar

If you are looking for something that is perfectly compact and ideal for two bikes, then the BUZZ RACK is an excellent choice.

It easily fits to both gooseneck and regular tow bars, making it diverse and easy to install and efficiently folds away when not in use. What’s more, the lightweight design means that it won’t put a strain on the camper and of course, this adds to the easy installation of this product.

It has been designed with two bicycles in mind, and the sturdy wheel brackets are easily able to accommodate both full-sized bikes as well as smaller ones, like those owned by children.

It comes fully fitted with lights so your vehicle can still be detected in low light and thanks to the robust safety features such as the locking system and padded cradles, your bikes will be 100% secure. One of the Best Volkswagen Campervan Bike Racks.

Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide

Want To Secure Your Bike on Your Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack ?

Consider investing in a hardened steel U-lock. These locks are incredibly strong and very difficult to break open without heavy duty tools. The way these work is that the key removes a bolt that connects the two ends of the ‘U’ and then you are free to slip the lock out or in.

  • You can find these locks below we have selected some of the best value. 
  • Always buy the best lock you can afford as the cost of buying a lock may be high but the cost of replacing your bike is considerably higher.
  • Avoid cable locks or cheap combination locks as these are easy to cut through.

You can check out more information about the Billconch Fingerprint Bike U Lock here:-

How to securely lock a bike to a bike rack - step by step guide

Knowing how to correctly secure your bike to a car bike rack will save you a lot of money, time and hassle in the long run. Every cyclist has a different bike locking method and some are more successful than others.

If you are not sure about how to lock your bike or have experienced bike theft before, it is important to learn how to correctly lock your bike.

Many ask what is the best way to lock a bike? However there is no ‘best’ way, but there are a few very good ways, which will help keep your bike safe and secure from theft. Below you will find our selection of the best 3 options.

Option 1

1. Check that what you are locking your bike to is strong and sturdy.

2. Remove anything that is removable from your bike

3. Use a U–lock to lock the back tire and frame around the pole you are locking it to, then lace a cable lock through the front tire onto the U-lock and then lock the U–lock.

Option 2

1. Check that what you are locking your bike to is strong and sturdy.

2. Remove your front wheel and place it next to your rear wheel.

3. Place a U-lock shackle around the immovable object and through both seat stays and the two wheels.

Option 3

1. Check that what you are locking your bike to is strong and immovable.

2. Place a U- lock through the immovable object, both seats stays and rear wheel.

3. Take a 2nd U-lock, placing it around the immovable object, around the down tube and front wheel.

Summary - Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide 2021

A bike rack is an excellent accessory for your VW campervan which allows you and your family to get into the great outdoors and explore cycle routes that wouldn’t be accessible without driving to them first.

Choosing the right bike rack for you is essential in ensuring that you get the right fit for your vehicle, space for as many bikes as you need and something that won’t cause damage to the van.

We believe that these are some of the best Volkswagen Campervan bike rack ‘s and each one offers its own set of advantages. Whether you need something lightweight and easy to install or something that will fit a larger number of bikes, your options are endless. But it pays to look out for some of the more well-known names in the bike rack industry which will leave you feeling confident that you have a safe and durable product.

Finally please do not forget to pay a visit to our Gallery page containing lots of different Bike Racks / Bike Carriers for Cars, Vans, SUV’s, 4×4’s and camper-vans too.

Volkswagen Campervan Bike Rack Buyers Guide
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