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How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car

How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car - Introduction

How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback carDoe’s your Car Bike Rack look too complicated to install ? YES, then don’t fear Best Car Bike Rack are here to help you step by step.

With our easy to read and follow step by step guide you will be up and running in no time!! with How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car

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How to fit a bike carrier to a car

To begin installation open up the rack in an arc shape. The exact open shape of your rack will vary from model to model but most rear mounted bike racks form a big arc when fully opened. On hatchbacks, SUV’s & 4×4’s, one end mounts against the rear window and the other mounts against the bottom of the trunk. For coupes and sedans, the rack mounts to the top and back of the trunk.How to fit a bike carrier to a car

If you are having difficulty figuring out which side should be facing upwards, look at the arms that hold the bike in place. If you position these so they are facing upwards, the rest of the rack should be the correct way round.

Attach the clips to the top, bottom, and sides of the trunk. The clips hook into the spaces where the trunk actually separates from the car. Make sure you don’t force the clips in, just find a spot where they easily hook in.

Each clip is there for a reason so ensure to look around the rack to check you haven not missed any out.

Tighten all straps so the rack is secure. These operate by you just pulling on the excess strap that comes out from the clip. It requires to be very firmly in place as you will be driving with this rack on so pull the straps nice and tight.

Test the strength of the bike rack by shaking it side to side. take the bike rack with both hands and try and move it from side to side. If the rack is firmly in place, it will move side to side with the car as though they are one.

This means that when you take corners, accelerate, and slow down, the rack will not move around at the back of your car.

Should the rack move around when you do this, go back over each strap to make sure they are all securely fastened.

How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car

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Pull up the bike arms and lock them into place. These are the actual arms that hold the bike in place while you are driving. Each make and model will vary in the way their lock but when you pull them up, they should click into place or there should be a screw to tighten them in

There will be two arms that you lock into place.

The arms should be slightly angled upwards as they come away from the car. This is to allow gravity to hold the bike up if the straps fail until you can secure or replace them.

Place the bike on the rack arms. Be really careful whilst you are doing this so you don’t damage either your car or your bike.

Place the top part of the frame on the arms of the rack.

Do your best to evenly distribute the weight of the bike as much as possible.

Place a clean rag between the bike and the bike rack to avoid scratching / damaging the cars paintwork.

Clamp the arms down on the bike frame to secure it. Again this exact method will vary and is dependent on the model of frame and rack you have.

There may be a strap you need tighten down on the frame to secure it, or there may be a clamp that you press down and then lock in place.

Whatever it is make sure it is securely fastened on both arms so the bike can not move at all while you are driving.

Shake the bike when you are done securing. If it has a lot of play or makes a knocking / rattling sound, then it’s not installed correctly.

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How to fit a bike carrier to a car for bikes without a top bar

You might need a bicycle cross bar adapter an adapter piece that fits across the top of bicycle’s that don’t have a top bar, for instance a ladies or child’s bike.

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The Bicycle Cross bar Adapter or otherwise known as a bicycle cross-bar adapter or a women’s bike rack bar adapter quickly snaps in to place on most bicycles to add a top-tube so that the bicycle can be carried on a traditional bike rack / carrier.

  • Creates a top tube for non conventional frames
  • Internal spring keeps your bikes secure. No assembly required
  • Plastic coated hooks protect bicycle’s finish
  • Lifetime on workmanship and materials

Bicycle Cross-Bar Adapter

Check out this short video on How to load bicycles without a top tube onto a rear-mounted bike rack. This applies to step-through, full suspension, and women’s style frames.

How much does a car bike rack cost ?

Price of a car bike rack really do vary from brand to type.  A simple rear mounted bike carrier for example can cost from $35.00 for a second hand one up to $50.00 for a new one.  See below we have found a budget model:

  • Patented design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV’s consult manufacturer web site for specific vehicle fit information
  • Side straps for increased lateral stability. Single configuration design eliminates setup hassles and headaches during installation
  • Individual tie downs secure and protect bicycles
  • Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle
  • Ships in Certified Frustration Free Packaging 70 pounds max capacity
  • Allen’s warranty does not cover items purchased through third-party sellers

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 Summary – How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car

A bike rack / carrier is an excellent accessory for your car and bike which allows you and your family to get into the great outdoors and explore cycle routes that wouldn’t be accessible without driving to them first.

Choosing the right car bike rack for you is essential in ensuring that you get the right fit for your vehicle, space for as many bikes as you need and something that won’t cause damage to your car.

We believe that these are some of the bike racks and each one offers its own set of advantages. Whether you need something lightweight and easy to install or something that will fit a larger number of bikes, your options are endless.

But it pays to look out for some of the more well-known names in the bike rack industry which will leave you feeling confident that you have a safe and durable product.

Finally please do not forget to pay a visit to our Gallery page containing lots of different Bike Racks for Cars, Vans, SUV’s, 4×4’s and VW  Camper Vans too.

How to fit a bike carrier to a hatchback car
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