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Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks?

Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks? - Best Car Bike Rack Beginners Guide

Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks?Welcome to our Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks? – Beginners Guide

So Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks? The short answer is- Yes, you do need a special bike rack for your e-bikes.

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E-bikes are one of the best vehicles for daily commutes. But what if you have to bring along the bike or store it in your workplace? It’s possible to use bike racks that can safeguard and protect your e-bikes when you’re working.

Although most bike racks are not strong enough to hold e-bikes since the weight is at least 2x heavier than ordinary bikes. That’s why you need special bike racks that can hold the weight.

Choosing e-bike attachments can be tricky as a beginner. But with proper guidelines, the job can get a lot easier for you. So read on to know more about bike racks for your ebike.

What Is an E-Bike Rack?

E-bike is one of the advanced forms of bi-cycles that are replacing cycles from the road in such a short time. Now it has become a familiar scene on the road to watch people ride their e-bikes.

A bike rack for electric bikes is two bars combined to make a rack, mainly to keep the e-bikes. An e-bike weight can range from 20-35 kg, whereas a cycle weighs not more than 12-15 kg. Specialized ebike racks are made with durable materials and hold the extra weight.

So Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks?

The short answer is- Yes, you do need a special bike rack for your e-bikes. Several reasons cause special bike racks for e-bikes, and they are:

High Weight: Even if you remove components like batteries from an e-bike, it’ll still weigh more than standard bicycles. Special racks for e-bikes can support the weight.

Low to the floor: Moving an e-bike becomes a threat as the slightest wrong and unusual attempt can affect the bike’s mechanism. Keeping the bike in a safe place and height can eliminate the risk.

Ease of Use: What’s the point of using a bike rack if it takes a long time to unfold and attach. Another reason why e-biker use bike racks is to store the bike quickly.

Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks?


Types of Bike Racks

When you know why your e-bike needs particular bike racks, the next job is to find out what types you want to use for holding the bike. Around the market, we found two styles that offer a mass amount of features promising the safeguarding of ebikes.

Tow Bar Bike Racks

Tow bar bike racks are the top favored options due to their easy usage terms. These types are compatible with almost every car model. You can easily install and load your bike in the car to carry or store cars whenever you want.

Roof-Mounted Bike Racks

Roof-mounted bikes are best suited if you’re always on the move and want to bring your e-bike with you. Roof-mounted racks are made especially for mountain cruiser e-bikes.

What to Look for in an E Bike Rack?

If you wonder what features your special e-bike racks should have, worry not! Cause we’ve got your back. The below-given list is the required features you should look for in your bike racks shopping:

Vehicle type

Your e-bike and car type play a significant role in choosing bike racks. Not all e-bikes are made equal. The components and mechanism can remain the same but for a different purpose.


Some e-bikes are manufactured to carry you to your workplace or school. Some bikes are made for mountains. Depending on the purpose, the weight and physical structure of an e-bike can change. And that’s another reason to consider your ebike types for choosing the bike racks.


You might ask why you should consider the cars. Well, it does concern the bike rack choice because in order to store your e-bike, you have to install the cycle rack to your car first. Roof-mounted bike racks mostly require SUVs or jeeps. But two bars can get along with any model.


We’ve stated before that the weight of the e-bike is the core reason that you have to use special car racks. The user guide of bike racks normally mentions the weight limit for an e-bike.

Bike Numbers

In case you have friends or going on trips where the number of bikes needs to be carried by car. Or your workplace colleagues, friends keep their bikes together with you, then the number is another concern for you to decide which bike rack you’ll choose for you.

Rack Features

Apart from the core features, bike racks have a few additional features that can ease up the installation and use the term comfortable and less hassling for you.


You’re using bike racks to secure your e-bikes, and truth be told, e-bikes aren’t the cheapest one, nor are they available everywhere. The locking feature of the rack would secure your bike from thieves and will also let you work without having any tension.


Ramps available in the bike racks let you ride the bike in the rack without elevating it all by yourself. We’ve repeatedly stated that e-bikes are heavy, and uplifting them towards the racks will not only cause damage to the bike it may also create back pain and other spinal injuries for you due to heavy weight.

Tips to Use Bike Racks for E-bikes

Finding the perfect bike rack is not enough to secure your ebike. Some tips by experts on how to use the bike wrecks can get you the best outcome.

  • A battery of an e-bike can weigh up to 3kg. Consider removing the batteries from your bike.
  • While transporting the e-bikes to the rack, avoid damaging the handlebar, control panel, or cables.
  • Secure the e-bike in proper stacks so it won’t move while transporting the bike from place to place or on rough roads.
  • In some e-bikes, the user can remove the front wheels. If your vehicle allows that, consider removing it to lessen the weight.
  • Use a bicycle cover to protect the bike from dust, direct sun heat, rain, etc., while keeping the bike on the rack.
  • Refrain from letting the bike hang too close to the ground to avoid damages.

Summary – Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks?

You can try many options to carry your e-bikes around, but none of them can be as secure as using a bike rack will be for you. Whether you want to bring your e-bike to a mountain trip or to your workplace, you can undoubtedly rely on the bike rack for the security measures it offers.

Along with the reasons why you need a special bike rack for your e-bike, we’ve also mentioned several vital factors that can lead you to the best-suited rack.

So load up your bike and explore the unseen beauty of nature. Don’t forget to tell us how your journey was and if our article was helpful for you in the comment box.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘ Do Ebikes Need Special Bike Racks? ‘ article and are now better informed to make your decision on which is the best car bike rack for your needs.

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